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5 Signs You May Be Suffering From Testosterone Deficiency and How We Can Help

As you get older, your testosterone production naturally slows down, but it shouldn’t drop too low, or you’ll have problems. Although it’s typically an issue for older men, it can also afflict men between the ages of 30 and 45. 

Low or fluctuating testosterone levels can negatively impact your physical, sexual, and mental health, and the quality of your life. However, there’s good news: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can normalize your hormone levels and improve your symptoms. 

If you feel like your problems are because of low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy specialist Faride Ramos, M.D. can offer a simple blood test to determine your levels. At her private practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ramos treats men with hormonal imbalances using bioidentical hormones that mimic the ones your body produces. Like many men, you’ll likely be feeling better within a few weeks of your initial treatment. 

If you have any of the following five warning signs, you may have low testosterone.

No. 1: Decreased sex drive

 Sagging testosterone levels lead to a reduced interest in sex and impair your ability to have a gratifying sex life. Testosterone is an essential component in a man’s sex drive, and though testosterone isn’t the only thing that influences libido, men with low testosterone are far more likely to experience a loss of sexual desire.

No. 2: Low energy

 When your testosterone levels plummet, you will likely feel tired and worn down. If you’ve noticed that you don’t have the energy and motivation you once did, it may be time to check your testosterone levels.

No. 3: Irritability

It’s normal to have fluctuations in your mood, but a persistent low mood can be a sign that your body isn’t producing enough testosterone. If your levels are chronically low, you may feel irritable, frustrated, stressed, and even depressed.

No. 4: Excess weight

Low testosterone levels may contribute to increased body fat. This is especially true in the midsection because of the way testosterone influences how your body stores fat. If your testosterone levels are insufficient, you may notice that you’ve gained weight even though you haven’t changed your eating habits. Men who choose to treat their deficiency with testosterone replacement therapy often lose and keep off their excess weight.

No. 5: Trouble with erections

Testosterone helps trigger the release of nitric oxide, a simple, yet important, molecule that increases blood flow and expands blood vessels. When your hormones are out of balance, you may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you get an erection and keep it while you’re being intimate with your partner. Men who receive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy generally report an overall improvement in sexual function and satisfaction.  

Other common problems include trouble sleeping, decreased muscle mass, and memory and concentration problems. You don’t have to struggle through the range of physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of testosterone imbalance. We offer compassionate and skilled help. Call to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment online.



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